This policy includes orders and international order shipments throughout the world.

To improve your customer satisfaction, most commercial equipment is tested in either the manufacturing country, the location of the importer, and / or in one of the Main Coffee locations. Please Contact Us or send us an e-mail from our website to determine whether the problem is an operator error or an actual problem.

Household appliances (exception items listed below) that become disabled or become disabled due to factory defects within 30 calendar days (valid for purchases made after 1 May 2005 or 30 days for purchase in May, 2005 or earlier) from the date of invoice replaced or replacement parts will be sent by FedEx or DHL by Main Coffee or manufacturer at its own discretion from Main Coffee or manufacturer. After a 30 calendar day limit, the customer agrees to be responsible for all shipping costs to the center of the manufacturer's warranty and agrees to have all defects covered by the guarantee.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs if they exceed the specified time within the warranty period by the main coffee or the manufacturer is not desired by the customer. If an item is returned and is not found defective, all shipping costs to and from the customer's vessel to the address will be deducted from the credit paid to the customer. Determination of defects can only be determined by the Main Coffee with or without manufacturer support. Determination of a replacement depends on the extent and magnitude of the defect. All defects in household appliances that occur after 30 calendar days from the date of invoice will be borne by the warranty of each producer or representative.

This policy does not cover defects caused by user errors or omissions, including, but not limited to not reading the owner's manual or instructions that were included with the items purchased. Home coffee roasters, semi-commercial equipment and commercial equipment are not covered by this policy. Household coffee roasters, semi-commercial equipment, and commercial equipment are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty or manufacturer. Adjustments are not considered defective. Temperatures and / or adjustments to espresso machines are not considered defective when in the respectable range set by the manufacturer or Main Coffee.

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